Springboard workbook - a letter from Laura MacNiven

Our book has officially launched on Amazon.ca! We are so grateful for the team that helped us bring this offering to the world. We couldn’t (and definitely wouldn’t even have wanted to try) have done it without them.

When Anne and I started a draft. 2.5 years ago, we dreamed about the day we would have something to offer up that would make a difference for those who experience ADHD in adulthood.

We envisioned a book that would be approachable and customizable (with a personality to it!).
We wanted it to be fun at times, even if it was going to deal with some tough stuff.
We wanted the characters’ stories to offer company for readers in their journey.
We wanted it to feel comprehensive, but manageable.
We wanted to combine scientific evidence with simple gestures and tips.
We wanted to offer readers the opportunity to re-think who they are and who they have been.

We hope this guide touches each and everyone who picks it up. Let’s buoy each other up. Just like our amazing team that has brought us through to the finish line.

Workbook IMG 6147Thank you to:

Lori Burwash (our editor extraordinaire)
Daughter Creative (our innovative design team)
Zoe Grams (our marketing/PR specialist)
Carra Simpson (our publishing ninja)
Krysten Cooper (for the ongoing counsel and support)
Lauren Kouba (for believing in those notes from the whiteboard years ago)



But most of all, thank you to the team at Springboard and to the clients who have trusted us in their care. You have shown us that ADHD is treatable. You have shown us that alongside this attention difference comes strengths, talents and passion. You have inspired us to share this resource with the goal of helping others. You have fuelled our journey by sharing yourselves with us. Onwards, team Springboard!

With gratitude,








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