It’s Bell Let’s Talk Day (again) - by Laura MacNiven

It’s been a year since I shared my mental health story on Springboard’s blog fueled by the Bell Let’s Talk initiative.

If you missed it, you can read my story here.

In honour of this day, I take a few moments to reflect on the past year in the mental health space. And as I do, I am flooded with the many faces of those who have many of them in silence.

Bell Lets Talk 2019I see their faces and feel a sense of urgency to make this next year count.

I see the faces of the children, teens and adults who suffered so much that they took their own lives.

I see the partners whose responsibilities became so overwhelming that they could no longer stay in their marriage.

I see those who have lost their jobs, were sent away from school, or were ostracized from social groups.

I see those that still feel like they are outside what is considered “normal”.

I see those that don’t know where to turn and don’t know how to take their next step.

I see how the judging continues.
I see how the suffering continues.

Another year is upon us, and I want to believe we are doing better.
I want to believe we are learning our lessons.
I want to believe that we are all starting to see that we are a community and that we all suffer when one of us is suffering.

I want to believe that we are there to help each other and that we are becoming a more inclusive community to work and live in.

I want to believe that we are building a wave of change.

On this Bell Let’s Talk Day:

Let’s wonder what it would be like to walk in someone else’s shoes.
Let’s make it easier for those in pain to seek help.
Let’s believe that by building true community, we all win.
Let’s open our hands.
Let’s make 2019 be better.
Let’s join in this resolution.
Let’s talk and let’s listen.


With gratitude,





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