LOCAL PSA: Our Support Group for Partners starts January 29th!

Over the years, we have had dozens of requests from partners of our clients who are looking for support services for themselves. Living with ADHD in your home, especially when you don’t have ADHD yourself, can be an isolating and confusing experience. So we’re pleased to share that we will be running a monthly support group for partners starting January 29.

In these 90-minute sessions, we are offering a compassionate, innovative and energizing space that will allow you a chance to be heard and validated. Through individual and group reflection, you can brainstorm ways for coping with the symptoms of ADHD that impact your home. You can catalyze a dialogue of hope and connectedness.

Come with your questions, thoughts, stories and work with others who understand this mental health journey. Bring a friend or family member, this group is open to our community and the general public.

To register, visit our events page.

Support group for partners BlogSupport Group Details:

Facilitator: Emily Kedar, M.Ed., Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Cost: $50 per session, or sign up for all 6 sessions in advance for $249

Time: 7-8:30pm


Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Please note: Participants must sign up a week before each date.



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