ADHD Students: Tips for Creating your Schedule

creating a schedule for adhd studentsIf you're in college or university, you likely have at least some flexibility in choosing what classes you take and when. Yes, there are some required courses, and yes, some programs do the choosing for you. But, if you have some say in your schedule, you may want to keep reading.

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ADHD students: Prepping for the shift from high school to college

It might seem like an obvious statement, but high school is very different from college and university. Obvious yes, but have you really thought it through?

As an ADHD student, the structure and support that you get in high school, like having a teacher track you down when you forget to hand in an assignment, doesn't follow you. You're kind of on your own, and sometimes if you don't anticipate these big changes it can feel like the rug is being pulled out from under you.

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I think my student has ADHD now what?


If you think a student in your class has ADHD, it can be difficult to know what your role is in mentioning your concerns to parents.

Teachers and educators are privy to details about a student’s performance and behaviour on a near-daily basis. Because of this, its not uncommon to notice concerns that parents don’t even necessarily have on their radar at home. But, particularly since ADHD can be an emotionally charged subject for some families, how do you approach this?

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Careers and ADHD: Common Jobs that Play to ADHD Strengths

Careers and ADHD

If you’re in the process of figuring out “what you want to be when you grow up” – whether you’re a student in school, or just considering a career change – check out the article 10 Best Jobs for Adults with ADHD posted on the Healthline website.

As a caveat, having an ADHD diagnosis does not and should not discount you from any profession you may be interested in. That being said, there are certain types of jobs that seem to play to the strengths of an ADHD-style brain that are worth considering....

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ADHD Students: Tips for Writing Essays

image Students with ADHD often have difficulty with written assignments for a number of reasons. For one, an ADHD-style brain tends to have difficulty engaging in bigger tasks and projects that have less concrete steps – it can be challenging to break things down. Secondly, individuals with ADHD often have difficulty organizing and sequencing their thoughts, which makes it challenging to get their ideas down on paper. Lastly, individuals with ADHD often have difficulty shifting gears if and when they get stuck – they can easily end up trying to fix a single sentence or paragraph for an inordinate amount of time, which ends up feeling incredibly frustrating...

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