Lessons learned from ADHD students

lecture hallIn coaching sessions with ADHD students, we often take the time at the end of the school year to reflect. We talk about what went well, what was more challenging than expected, and what they want to remember going into the next school year. Often, these students tell us how they would have started the year off better. They talk about the things they wish they had done sooner and about the support they wish they set up before things got too busy.

For students with ADHD out there, we thought we would share some of those lessons learned. At the end of the school year, here are 5 things many students wish they had done sooner:

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ADHD Awareness: Tips for Building School Communication

supporting a student with home-school communicationRecently, we posted an article about the importance of home-school communication with an ADHD child. But what do you actually need to consider when trying to set up communication with your child's teacher?

In honour of ADHD awareness month last month, our Director of Health Education Laura MacNiven collaborated with Joanne Sallay from Teachers on Call and Dr. Dina Kulik from DrDina.ca, a children's health information website, to talk about how to build an action plan that encourages home-school communication.

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Do accommodations give ADHD students an unfair advantage?

ADHD student supportThe short answer to the question "do accommodations give ADHD students an unfair advantage" is: no. The longer answer is one we thought worth addressing. Because many people continue to believe that accommodations are "unfair," this often translates to a false belief that their teachers will be resistant to offering appropriate support, or students being hesitant to seek support they may truly benefit from because they don't want to get a "handout" from others.

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Workplace accommodations for adults with ADHD

Work accommodations for ADHDIf you're an adult with ADHD and you're out in the workforce, there's a chance you might be experiencing challenges related to some of your ADHD symptoms.

No, having an ADHD diagnosis doesn't automatically equate to difficulties at work - many adults with ADHD thrive at their job. But, if you're struggling, just know that this is a reality for many of us out there.

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