Workplace accommodations for adults with ADHD

Work accommodations for ADHD

If you're an adult with ADHD and you're out in the workforce, there's a chance you might be experiencing challenges related to some of your ADHD symptoms.

No, having an ADHD diagnosis doesn't automatically equate to difficulties at work - many adults with ADHD thrive at their job. But, if you're struggling, just know that this is a reality for many of us out there.

For those who are struggling, a starting point might be to assess for "ADHD Traps" at your work, and seeing if there are any self-directed strategies or approaches you can take that might help.

Beyond that, sometimes additional reasonable accommodation support from your employer might be warranted.

For more information about what a "reasonable accommodation" might be, check out the resources on ADHD in the Workplace from CADDAC (Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada). Along with a brief list of potential workplace accommodations (and a link to access a more comprehensive/specific list), they have information about:

  • Factors that can impact job performance
  • Disclosing an ADHD diagnosis
  • Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) information on employer and employee responsibilities around accommodations

For additional information on workplace accommodations and disclosure, we also recommend checking out: 

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