Stability Balls in the Classroom

We here at Springboard often talk up the use of stability balls as a way to help engage attention and improve productivity while sitting at a desk or in a classroom. What you might not know is that this is a strategy we didn’t pull out of thin air – there has been quite promising research published in recent years demonstrating the benefits of movement and using stability balls to help with focus.

One study, for example, compared the use of stability balls and regular chairs in a 4th grade classroom that contained several students with ADHD. The results of this study found that in-seat behavior and “legible word productivity” were significantly improved with the ADHD children that sat on the stability balls.

Although the research doesn’t necessarily provide a conclusive ‘reason’ for the improvements, the general theory in the ADHD community is that there is a neurological pathway that connects motion with the alert systems of your brain. So, the constant motion involved with stability balls – where the ball’s instability causes the body to instinctively engage core muscle groups – helps engage the brain while it is working on a primary task.

To read more about stability balls and the research cited above click here.

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