Head back to school with help: The difference of starting with support

We understand that asking for help is hard. It can be frightening to talk about mental health symptoms.

“And maybe this year will be different.
Maybe the symptoms will just go away.
Maybe I don’t need to keep working with strategies and support.
Maybe if I pretend ADHD isn’t there, it will go away”.

Back to School Head Start Fbook 1We do really wish we could wave a magic wand and make ADHD go away. It’s so exhausting to keep working at symptoms that get in the way so often. You have great intentions and want to will away the frustrations and disappointments of the past. You want to just go to school this year, and feel normal, to not have to talk about what you need, to not have to fight everyday to focus, and to get your work done. We get it. We get how tiring it is. We get that you just want to show up like everyone else.

We know ADHD, though, and it doesn’t go away. You need to stay true to those strategies, those habits, those routines, that will help you keep your symptoms at bay. That’s how you beat it. You win over ADHD by keeping your structure in place, by working with your support team, and by being a step ahead of its reach.

Don’t wait until you’re behind this fall. Don’t pretend ADHD isn’t there. Face it head on. Get your support team in place. Stay on top of your readings. Don’t let it slide. Don’t wait until October.

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