The teenage brain: The science will set you free

beanie boy calm 569169If you are a teenager, or you have one or more in your home, we know that it can be a confusing, frustrating and bewildering time. Put simply, it is a tough transition going from being a child to taking on adult responsibilities. For teenagers, sometimes, it might feel like your brain is just not ready to take everything on. Other times, you might feel impatient to be an adult already! This push and pull is stressful and often downright exhausting.

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But, how do I parent this the right way?!

pexels photo 1416917How having a mission statement can help you answer that question the right way for your family.

We all know that “actions speak louder than words” and our children are watching almost everything we do everyday. And yet, as parents, nowadays, more than ever, we are spending a lot of time trying to decide how to approach parenting the “right” way.

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