Outbursts and meltdowns: ADHD children do well if they can

Outbursts, meltdowns, opposition…if you’re familiar with ADHD children – as a parent, teacher, or anything in between – you may be familiar with these types of behaviours. Perhaps a little too familiar.

These types of behaviours are challenging – they can be frustrating and confusing, and when confronted them you may feel the urge to join the child on the floor and cry.

Despite this urge, you may want to re-consider the way you’re thinking about these behaviours. More often than not, these behaviours are not deliberately oppositional. When a meltdown happens, it may signal the fact that an ADHD child may be missing the appropriate skills to deal with their frustrations.

Child psychologist Dr. Ross Greene advocates for this different lens with which to view challenging behaviour. He believes that kids do well if they can, and if they can’t, we need to identify what is holding them back and create supportive strategies to develop the skills that they are missing.

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