Fun Things to do in Toronto this Summer (with ADHD children)!

There are hundreds – if not thousands – of lists available online that make suggestions for “fun things to do in Toronto” or “fun summer activities for your kids”. But which of these suggestions is actually realistic for you and your ADHD child? Sitting on a hammock watching the clouds go by? Nice sentiment, but likely won’t be as peaceful as people make it out to be. Canada’s Wonderland? Sure, could be a lot of fun, but how do you think your child will react to the typical hour-long line-up to get on a minute long ride?

That being said, many of the options available in our fine city are quite appropriate for ADHD children and might be worth considering. Yes, with or without ADHD, every child has unique needs and interests, so only you know which activities will be successful, but we love our city and want to give a couple plugs to what it has to offer! So, without further ado, we present our list of nine summer activities to do in Toronto with ADHD children (or for anyone, really):

  1. St .Lawrence Market: Plan a meal with your child and then head to the farmers market to hunt down the ingredients. Children with ADHD benefit enormously from feeling like they are making a contribution – a fun project will boost their self-esteem by giving them a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  2. The ROM: With a central location (shorter car rides!), the Royal Ontario Museum has a great kids area with hands-on activities and interactive exhibits.
  3. Joe Rockheads: This rock climbing gym is a perfect rainy day excursion – give your child the opportunity to get involved with a fun new physical activity and help enhance their sense of personal accomplishment.
  4. Toronto Zoo: Here you can find endless opportunities to see cool animals, and if your child loses interest there’s a waterpark to keep them busy. Bonus: this excursion involves a LOT of walking, which hopefully means an easier bedtime at night!
  5. Ashbridges Bay:  Although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend swimming in the water – it’s quite polluted – this stretch of beach is great for kicking a soccer ball around, throwing a Frisbee, or playing beach volleyball. Grab a bike and ride along the lakeshore to get to this gem in the eastside.
  6. The Harborfront Centre: This is a hub for a variety of creative venues designed for your child to thrive. Of interest, throughout the summer they offer a huge variety of fun courses and workshops to get your child’s creative juices flowing, like jewellery making and cooking courses.
  7. Ontario Science Centre: Although the Science Centre can be a little bit overwhelming on a Saturday afternoon – be careful here – it is still well worth the visit. Help make learning seem like less of a chore for your child with a huge variety of fun and interactive exhibits.
  8. Toronto School of Circus Arts: Offering courses and drop-in classes on subjects like the trampoline or trapeze, this school is one of many cool ideas for fun new activities to try on for size.
  9. CN Tower: We really couldn’t have a list about Toronto without including the CN Tower. This excursion can be a little bit pricy, but the elevator and glass floor are worth checking out!

So there you have it! Even if you don’t live in Toronto, the sentiment behind this list is fairly straightforward: find structured activities that spark creativity, are interactive, and boost self-esteem. Remember, the best thing you can do for your child this summer is to spend time with them and have fun!

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