Learning Self-Control: A Lesson in Empathy from the Cookie Monster

Learning self-control at any age can be difficult.We all struggle with impulsivity and it can be incredibly hard sometimes to fight our brain’s urge to grab, take, and do whatever we feel like in the moment. Individuals with ADHD in particular have difficulty with this – symptoms of impulsivity are common benchmarks for the diagnosis.

Knowing this, let’s turn to ADHD children. If you’re a parent of a child with an ADHD diagnosis, you may be struggling to manage your child’s impulsivity and seeming total lack of self-control. This, we imagine, can be a frustrating experience for you.

The video below is a great reminder of how tough it can be to learn self-control. The pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain in charge of managing our executive functions (including self-control), is still developing up to the age of 22. So, we have to remember that children are not little adults – their brain is still developing, and will continue to develop well into their teenage years. We have to be patient with them as they work to meet their goals, and help empathize with their struggle.

So, please enjoy this reminder of how tough learning self-control can be, courtesy of the Cookie Monster:

Did you know that Sesame Street has been a television staple for children since 1969; that means that generations of children have learned valuable lessons from the show! As of 2014, it seems that Sesame Street hasn’t slowed down one bit – we’re glad to see that they’re still doing their thing and trying to educate and entertain our kids in whatever way they can.

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