“It’s not you, parenting is hard these days!”: 3 Self-care tips for parents

Hey parents! 

If you are feeling sapped of energy these days, let’s be clear, “It’s not you…it’s everything that has been thrown at you”. The impact of pandemic life with ADHD on families has been all too much, for too long.

Facebook Parenting Blog 3 tipsNever-ending changes.

School closures.

Conflicting information.

Unpredictable support.

Disappointed and struggling children.


It has taken constant juggling just to get to status quo.

Getting through the days can be an exhausting undertaking, and even as some social restrictions are lifted the transition into more changes this fall has had parents experiencing ultimate lows in the energy tanks.

As we hope for a time when life feels more predictable for ourselves and our families, we wanted to share some self-care tips to keep in mind:


Carve out 7 minutes to yourself every day.

Wake up before your kids are up in the morning or take a few minutes to yourself after they are in bed in the evening. Consider a mindfulness app, a few minutes to journal or stretch to some music. It’s hard to wake up or find the energy after bedtime but taking a few minutes to collect your thoughts can make a big difference.

Make the calls that are right for your family.

This is not the time to do it all. Listen to your gut when committing to extra curriculars or social engagements. Does it feel right for you? Is this a family want, need or should? Do you have the energy for this? Is it a doable number of transitions?

Add some music in your life.

Music can improve the mood, change the vibe and bring you into the moment in powerful ways. Perhaps it’s classical music in the mornings or around bedtime. Maybe it’s some fun music on the way to school drop off. A new playlist can be a great way to find a bit of zip when you are feeling zapped.


We are all trying our best. We are all putting so much energy out just to keep our families rolling and at status quo. You can only do what you can do, and you cannot do it all. So, please be kind to yourself. Try to give yourself permission to let go whenever you can. This time has left an imprint - especially on parents, and even more so when ADHD is in the picture.

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