Family life during COVID-19: Three tips to stay connected despite (or alongside) the ups and downs

The vibe at home can be a lot these days. Everyone’s life has been altered and feelings of anxiety and uncertainty are hitting all family members- sometimes at the same time, sometimes at different times.

As each individual goes through their own process, it can be a lot to find the energy to support your loved ones, on top of your own hurts and challenges. It can be hard to listen to others, or even share your sadnesses because it doesn’t feel like there is enough bandwidth to go around. Fight the urge to pull away and instead, lean in.

Remember the power of being heard and validated. Speak up about your feelings, and take the time to deeply listen to your loved ones.

This experience of attuning will be your family’s lifeboat during this tumultuous time.

To help stay on track, keep these three truths in mind:

Family life covid Fbook1. Everyone is dealing with loss right now. We have all had to give stuff up. From daycare friends to prom, to co-workers to personal self-care habits, to structure to extracurriculars, to changes or loss of employment, to summer camp to health issues... No matter your age or stage, you have had to let go of things that are meaningful for you.

2. Every loss has value. It’s not a competition. Every one of these losses has meaning and one is not more important than another. There is no need to compare whose losses are the biggest or the smallest. Share your feelings, no matter their size. In being honest yourself and by “feeling your feels”, you can avoid bottling up your pain. Instead, you find the space to name your hurts , so you can grieve and move forward.

3. By sharing your story, you open a window to those around you to share their stuff too. By articulating and sharing your pain, you let others know it is okay to not be okay and invite them to share their sadnesses without judgment. This process of connection will not only drive you forward today, but will strengthen your bond long-term. Lean in right now, we need each other.




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