Parenting during a pandemic

Parenting is fullon during COVID-19. All the structure and routines you have built over time have been thrown out the window and your life has literally been turned upside down.

Suddenly, parenting is all on you and it’s 24/7.

To make matters more complicated, your family members are all grieving different losses, and all at the same time: missing friends, school, prom, sports, clubs, travel, extended family, date nights, co-workers...

You’re all together at home and emotions are flying: ups and downs. In one moment, you might be marveling at the simplicity of having nowhere to go. In another breath, you may find yourself tossing your son’s shoes out the door and telling him to go outside or else!

Sure, your sweatpants are comfortable and it’s nice to slow down, but you are also being pushed in novel ways. All the togetherness. Everyone in one space. It can all be a lot.

You are not alone on this rollercoaster of emotions.

Parenting has always been a game of highs and lows, but now the discrepancy is even bigger. You find yourself flipping from gratitude (we’re all together!) to overwhelmed (you’re driving me crazy) from moment to moment and it’s a lot to manage.

Covid parenting FbookWe have two pieces of advice for you.

1. Work to be kind and patient with yourself. This is a wild time and it’s okay to feel the feels. It’s okay to lose control sometimes. You can’t do it all. You can’t teach and work and parent and all of the things. All of the time. Apologize when you mess up and forgive yourself and those around you readily. This is a pandemic and we don’t even have the language for what we are going through yet. Be willing to cut yourself and your loved ones some slack.

 2. Breathe and take a minute before making parenting decisions in the moment. Have a glass of water. Pause. Assess where you are at. Check-in with your peeps. Work to be mindful, so you can pick your battles with and set your priorities as you go. Try our 5 steps for mindful parenting handout to guide you.

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