Mindfulness and Childhood ADHD

You may be familiar with mindfulness, and you may even incorporate it into your own daily activities. But did you know that mindfulness can also be an effective tool in managing childhood ADHD? Mindfulness can help children pause and reflect before acting, a skill which is typically delayed in individuals with ADHD.

Here are some suggestions for how to incorporate some of the principles of mindfulness to benefit your child with ADHD:

adult baby children 701014Conscious attention. Model this by giving your child your full attention. Put away your phone and other distractions in order to be more present with your child.

Responsiveness. Try using the STOP technique: Stop what you’re doing; Take a few breaths, Observe your internal and external experiences, Proceed with intention. You can demonstrate this for your child when you feel caught up in an emotion, and encourage your child to try this technique when they are feeling overwhelmed. It might be helpful to practice this technique in a calm moment, so they are better able to utilize the technique when it is needed.

Awareness of body, thoughts, and emotions. With your child, describe your own experience of sight, sound, and smell. You might also encourage your child to verbally label their feelings.

Developing gratitude. Create a daily gratitude practice with your child. For example, at dinnertime or bedtime take turns listing three things you feel thankful for.

We adapted these great tips from: "Mindful Parenting for ADHD" by Mark Bertin

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