The teenage brain: The science will set you free

If you are a teenager, or you have one or more in your home, we know that it can be a confusing, frustrating and bewildering time. Put simply, it is a tough transition going from being a child to taking on adult responsibilities. For teenagers, sometimes, it might feel like your brain is just not ready to take everything on. Other times, you might feel impatient to be an adult already! This push and pull is stressful and often downright exhausting.

We highly recommend sitting down for an hour to check out Dr. Siegel’s video on the teenage brain.

When you realize that the way you, or your child, feels is totally normal, you can take a few deep breaths. Growing up is a process and it’s all part of the journey. So, take a load off, and try to enjoy the ride. With a clear understanding of the brain science, it all makes a lot more sense.



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