5 Mistakes to Avoid when Making a New Year’s Resolution

ADHD diagnosis or not, coming up with (and sticking to) New Year’s resolutions can be seriously overwhelming.

If you've been making resolutions year after year, without really seeing any results, it's time to rethink the whole game. 

Five mistakes to avoid when making new year’s resolutions:

  1. Your resolutions are too broad. Make sure you come up with a measurable goal. For example: don’t say, “I’m going to get more exercise in my life”. Instead, sign up for a 10 km running race and be motivated by a running clinic to stay on track. The more measurable goal would be to run a 10 km race by March.
  2. Your resolutions are too drastic. Remember that change comes in small steps. Using the same example as above, try starting with 20 minutes of exercise three times a week. Once you have that under control, you can move to four times!
  3. Your resolution doesn’t fit your environment. Find a goal that you can implant within your own lifestyle. Perhaps going to the gym just adds too many complicating factors. What about walking to work? Or meeting a friend twice a week at lunch hour to get some exercise? The least your goal disrupts your current way of life, the better success you will have in maintaining it.
  4. You’re not ready. Your own readiness is the most important factor to consider when wanting to make change. You have to make sure that your personal head space actually matches your goal. Is this something you are truly ready to commit to?
  5. You don’t really WANT to make the change.  Make sure that this change is something you actually want for you. If it is a goal for someone else, you won’t be able to make it happen. This may sound obvious, but ask yourself internally, not just because you know it is healthy or right or would make someone else happy… do I actually want this to be something that I change in my life day to day?

A new year is a new year and that does mean a new beginning. But Mondays are the beginning of your week, and the 1st is the start of a new month, and the moon has a fancy number of days to its cycle that you can easily take as your own and hey, your birthday is a way to measure a year, too.

Don’t get hung up on January 1st. Grab hold of the 3rd, or the 8th, or the next time you see a yellow school bus. Start because it’s the life you want to lead, not because it’s been prescribed to you by the calendar year.


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