ADHD and New Years Resolutions (Part 5): Some Final Thoughts

February is fast approaching, and with that, New Years Resolution Month is coming to a close. Some of you may still be going strong with your resolutions, and some of you may have long since moved on, but at the very least we hope you learned something!

Looking back, we talked about the importance of…

…setting clear parameters for your resolution using the SMART MAPS criteria

planning for your resolution in small steps and actually scheduling them

…keeping your motivation going by making your resolution fun and rewarding

So, the next time you make a resolution, use this arsenal of tools to help with your follow-through – they can make a huge difference for someone with ADHD.

As an aside, when we say “next time” we don’t mean in 2014. Resolutions have made their name as a January thing, but why wait another year? “Every day is a new beginning” is not just a cheesy saying – it’s an important way to frame the way you live your life. Resolutions will take time and there will be setbacks, but every day is an opportunity to start fresh. We always say to take things one step at a time, one day at a time, and we really do mean it.

One final thought: as you work toward your resolution – or any goal for that matter – take some time to reflect on the big picture. What is it about this resolution that’s important to you? Individuals with ADHD often choose goals based on what they feel they should be doing, instead of what they really want, which will often cancel out the above strategies. Think about it: if you’re working toward something you don’t really want to work toward, how long can you realistically keep it up? Instead, re-focus your energy on something near and dear to your heart – it will make a huge difference!

Good luck!

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