ADHD and New Years Resolutions (Part 1): An Introduction

Now that the holidays are over, most of us are ready to return to our regularly scheduled programming. As fun as the holidays can be – or any vacation for that matter – you can’t deny that it’s always nice to get back to normal (whatever normal may be)!

We find that there’s a huge sense of relief with this – it’s almost like pressing the reset button on your life. You had a chance to step away for a little bit, and now you can get back into things with a fresh perspective and new-found optimism. This time of year in particular is pretty big on getting people motivated. A new year is a pretty concrete way to signal a fresh start – 2012 may have been okay, but 2013 has the potential to be spectacular!

This is where new years resolutions come in: people are filled with optimism and fresh energy – what better time to get started on a new goal than in the new year?

The problem with resolutions, though, is that they’re hard to keep. Especially if you have ADHD. If you’ve ever been a regular member of a gym you know this phenomenon: the place will be PACKED during the first few weeks of January, but then slowly, week by week, those good folks with good intentions will drop like flies.

So, what can you do about this?

While there may be no magical trick or cure to break this cycle, we do have some ideas that might help. In honor of this, we here at Springboard Clinic have decided to dedicate the month to new years resolutions. For the next few weeks we’re going to talk about resolutions that people with ADHD often make (and break), some tips and strategies to help follow-through with resolutions, and more.

Next up: Commonly Broken Resolutions

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