Happiness Tips from your Childhood


Post-Labor Day weekend, we’re reminded once again that summer is on its way out. People are going back to school, “summer hours” at work are no more, and the days really are getting shorter.

Some of you out there may be feeling a bit blue about this, so in an effort to boost your happiness threshold we wanted to share an article recently posted on Huffington Post Canada called “6 Childhood Habits to Take into the Real World“. This article describes the benefits of certain habits we practice as children, but can be quick to discard as adults. In their words, “There’s a lot we can learn from our children’s rituals: many, of which, can promote productivity, happiness, and less stress in our own lives”.

With our clientele in mind, four habits in particular stick out as helpful for an individual who has ADHD:

  1. Play. Going outside to play can help improve your focus, your mood, and has the added benefit of getting away from all those screens in your life. Don’t feel like playing? Just get outside! Even 15 minutes will do the trick.
  2. Get down with Arts and Crafts. Doing something tactile and working with your hands, as above, can help improve your focus and mood, as well as stimulate creativity.
  3. Take a time out. The art of ‘stepping back’ can be particularly difficult for someone with ADHD, but this habit is key to help you move past whatever stress or negative feelings you may be feeling in the moment.
  4. Say you’re sorry. When ADHD is in the picture, there will inevitably be times when, despite good intentions, you end up disappointing someone in your life. Owning up to this and saying sorry (sincerely) has been found to decrease anxiety, feelings of guilt, and even can help improve sleep.

Click here to read more about all 6 tips.

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