2020 will be a different kind of holiday season

Holiday 2020 self reflection FbookAs we all brace for a holiday season that will look very different this year, we thought this self-reflection exercise might be useful. By taking a pause to consider and find small moments of gratitude and wonder during this difficult year, perhaps you can find a moment of peace amidst the pandemic fatigue. This is not the time to compare the holiday season to other years, and instead it is a time to look inwards and perhaps find small joys within yourself and your environment. We know how tired everyone is, and we hope you will reach out and show love to those around you, even if it is over Zoom. This pandemic will end - and we will get through it. And for now, finding small joys can be easier with a little mental reframing.

Go through the below “fill in the blank” exercise and see what comes to mind:



 My best memories as a child, during the holiday season were ______________________________________________________


My breathing is relaxed and my body feels calm when I ___________________________________________________________


If I were to make this holiday more “my own” I would need to _____________________________________________________


The part of the holidays that tends to stress me out the most is when _______________________________________________


My favourite activity to do with my loved ones is to ______________________________________________________________


I know I will regret doing this __________________________________________________________ but I always do it anyway.


If I were to set one personal limitation this holiday, it would be to __________________________________________________


I always feel good about myself when ________________________________________________________________________


When I am back to work/swing of things in January, I will wish I had spent more time_______________________________

and less time ______________________________________


My most joyful parts of the holiday season for me are the following three things:









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