Need something creative to do at home? Try art!

From Springboard's Kim Abramowitz

Each of our lives looks different right now – you may be working from home, off work, home with family members, or on your own. Regardless of your situation, during this time of change, it is essential to find time for self-care in your routines.

While spending more time at home, it is a great opportunity to do things you enjoy, to rediscover old interests, consider new pastimes, and/or just try something out once for fun.

A great and easily accessible way to engage in self-care is through art. You don’t need to be artistic or creative in order to enjoy and benefit from creating art, nor do you need to have many materials on hand. An art project can guide you to be focused on the present moment, and to shift your mindset away from what’s happening outside of that moment, in the world, and on the news. It can also build self-awareness, by helping you express thoughts and feelings in tough times.

3 creative and accessible art activities you can try at home – on your own or with someone else:

Try art Fbook1. Make a mixed media collage. Collect recycled materials, small found objects, and elements from nature (e.g. flyers, newspapers, magazines, corrugated cardboard, lids, old cards from occasions, old birthday gift wrap materials, buttons, coins, pebbles, twigs, pine cones, etc.) – cut and tear materials and combine with small found objects and pieces from nature – if you have a glue gun, white glue or tape, create a new image on paper or cardboard – if you do not have something to adhere them with, arrange objects on a flat surface and take a picture instead – consider creating images around themes including: feelings, things that make you happy, symbols of hope, or abstract images.

2. Make handmade cards. Use paper and drawing materials – consider decorating cards with materials suggested in activity above – cards can be kept for yourself (you can write a note to your past, present, or future self), or use for future occasions. You can even consider writing in them and dropping them off on family and friends’ porches!

3. Do a drawing of yourself. Draw yourself in another environment that you would like to imagine yourself in during these times (e.g. somewhere you have visited before, somewhere you would like to visit in the future, etc.) – or of yourself as a superhero and identify what powers you possess (real or imagined) to get through these interesting times

You can keep your art to yourself – or if you feel comfortable, you can show it and share it with others to bring more beauty and joy to their days.

If you’re looking for creative ideas for self-expression during these challenging times – connect with our clinic and set up a video session with Art Therapist, Kim Abramowitz. Kim will work with you to identify creative ways for you to express yourself, either during the session, or on your own time.

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