Springboard’s Laura MacNiven chatted “creativity” with David Greenwood on Overcoming Distractions

Laura Overcoming DistractionsHere is Dave’s summary of the chat:

Laura and Dave discuss the topic of having ADHD and being a creative person. While many of us are creative by nature, some struggle with getting in that creative zone. Once we do, magic can happen. But we need to get there first.

Laura walks us through some of the tactics we can do to harness our creative expertise and make it flourish. She talks about learning when you can be most creative and what setting provides a flow of creativity.

Laura also speaks about how to track your creative ideas and how to find the easiest way to express your creativity. And she speaks about finding out if you have a certain time of day that your creativity flows naturally.

One of the gifts of having adult ADHD is that we can be creative and make that work for us both for enjoyment as well as for our careers.

Check out the podcast and listen to their chat here.

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