Our online course starts this week: 9 reasons it just might be right for you!

It is not too late to register for our online course for adults with ADHD.

Kick off this year by joining this vibe of hope and positivity!

Adult ADHD course reminderHere are 9 reasons this course might be right for you right now:

1) You want to better understand your ADHD style, symptoms, traits and brain
2) You are frustrated with executive functioning struggles and want to find ways to improve
3) You want to take stock of your present, and get more "present" in your future
4) You bought the book, but you haven't cracked it yet
5) You haven't heard of the book, but it sounds pretty cool
6) You are interested in ADHD, think you might have it, and want to learn more about it
7) You've done coaching before, but you want a "tune up"
8) You have struggled to find helpful resources in your area
9) You have 7 minutes to set aside on the regular to invest in yourself

Do we have you interested? Check out this video to hear from course facilitator Laura MacNiven, or visit the registration page to sign up.

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