Springboard’s Laura MacNiven was a recent guest on Jeff Copper’s show Attention Talk Radio

Attention Talk Radio Facebook NovemberHere is a description of the episode:

Beware of making sweeping statements that take you away from facing ADHD head on. You could end up fighting the wrong fight. It can be a direct route to finding yourself filled with shame and frustration. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio ADHD coach Jeff Copper has an open discussion with Laura MacNiven of Springboard Clinic on the topic. They talk about the value of regulating emotions in addressing ADHD directly. They give tangible examples of what it looks like to face ADHD head on, and they share key insights and mindsets that will help you problem-solve. If you are frustrated, feeling down about yourself, or even victimized in your mental health journey, this is a show you won’t want to miss.

You can listen to the episode here.

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