Jumping in, again and again: Finding hope in the promise of continuous change

By Laura MacNiven

I was flying home from CADDAC a few weeks ago, and I decided to put on a movie, (I had done enough work this weekend!), and I stumbled on the movie Cleo and was drawn to these introductory words:

“You can never jump in the same river twice. It’s not the same river and you are not the same person.”

I paused the film, 3 minutes in, opened my computer, and found myself thinking about mental health through this lens, thinking about all the inspiring people with ADHD who had just congregated together, at CADDAC. They are resilient and hopeful. They are fighting stigma. These storytellers are jumping in and making the river anew.

Jump in River Twice FacebookThis quote spoke to me because I have always been captivated by water. There is nothing like the feeling of jumping in. In that moment, you start again.

As humans, we are afraid of change. And yet, the universal truth of humanity is change.

I don’t know what happens in the movie, because I didn’t turn it back on. But I’ll take that quote with me for a long time.

Let’s forgive ourselves and those around us by jumping in, again and again.

So, as you step into your day, know you’ve never been here before, and you won’t ever be here again.

What do you want to do with that?

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