Routines & ADHD: “Do it your way! That’s what we say!”

This week on the blog, we share three ADHD-friendly tips, so you can stay on track while still avoiding your biggest fear: BOREDOM.  

We get it. You have a love-hate relationship with routines. On the one hand, you know they are “good for you". On the other hand, they feel so restrictive. 

There doesn’t seem to be an in-between. 

So, you get stuck, which is the worst spot to be. 

Routine FacebookBefore you give up entirely, consider these three tips for setting parameters in your everyday life. 

1. Add fun and innovation wherever you can! Use your creative brain to help make variety within your structure. As an ideas person, challenge yourself to keep it interesting and novel. Perhaps it means leaving a reminder “post it” note for future self, making a customized playlist, drawing a mystery “ingredient” for a meal, or choosing a “prop” to inspire your attire. Maybe, you could even time yourself and see if you can beat your own record. You know how your brain works. Keep your own attention!  

2. Do not - we repeat - do not attempt routines alone! Where possible, recruit a teammate to accompany you, especially when the tasks are tedious or you are at risk of “giving up” before you even start. Your teammate could be a friend, your mom on Facetime, or even your 6 year old child. Do not underestimate the importance of the energy of a good cheerleader - even if they are of the four footed variety. :) 

3. Build in mini-rewards. Be aware of the power of a hit of “dopamine” to keep your momentum going. What kinds of things energize you? Is it a walk around the block when you finish a step? Is it putting some money in a jar to treat yourself to something you have been wanting? Maybe it’s a manicure or a personal training session? 

In summary, leave space for variety, camaraderie and rewards in your routine-planning. Whatever you do, get some structure in your life. Trust us - it will help you in your everyday life with ADHD.  



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