A Mother’s Day “Time-out” : It just might change your life!

As we approach Mother’s Day, we are thinking, in particular, about the tireless moms we work with at the clinic - both those with ADHD and those parenting children with ADHD.

Attention issues can make family life extra challenging, particularly in this day in age. With expectations of our “executive functions” higher than ever, it can be a lot to just “get through” daily life.

So, if you’re a mom, and ADHD is part of your life, consider requesting a “time-out” this weekend instead of flowers or jewellery.

In honour of Mother’s Day, head to a coffee shop, a park bench, or even upstairs to your room and have some “you” time.

Here are a few guiding questions to consider in your process:

Mothers Day Facebook1. When parenting, what moments do you most enjoy? What types of situations create this type of vibe?
2. Do you carry guilt as a parent? What would it take for you to shed these feelings?
3. What do you for personal fun/joy? How often do you take time away from parenting?
4. What do you do to put energy in your tank? What energizes you?
5. What could you change (that is in your control) in your day-to-day life to help nourish yourself as an individual?

Sometimes small tweaks can make the world of a difference. And, as always, you need to put your safety mask on first; only then can you have the space to help your little people.

Happy Mother’s Day from our crew to yours.







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