ADHD Spring Cleaning, but this time with your emotional baggage

Last year, we shared our favourite functional tips for spring cleaning with ADHD. This year, we are suggesting an “emotional” spring cleaning. It is powerful to let go of baggage and nagging thoughts so you can spring forward with new energy and focus.

Take advantage of the vibe of this season, and actively work to “clear” your headspace in three ways:

Emotional spring cleaning Facebook1. Drop the shoulds - “you know the ones!”
If you are living with “shoulds” that you are not following through on, you are damaging your motivation and momentum. It is distracting to wake up daily with these on your mind. Either turn them into wants or needs and create a strategy to get them done...or, let them go.

2. Accept apologies (from a genuine place in your heart)
When someone apologizes to you, figure out how to forgive them, so you can move on. It sounds simple. But, so many of us carry grudges or resentment. This is even more damaging to your head space than the person you are blaming. When you accept an apology, do it from a genuine place and hold yourself accountable to leaving those feelings behind.

3. Wave a white flag and take responsibility
Stop defending yourself and instead take responsibility for where ADHD symptoms are impacting those around you. By dealing with the actual issue, rather than the secondary impacts of it, you can take control of your actions, or inaction, and find ways to move forward.

It’s spring time. Let’s move forward with the season. Let’s beat ADHD by starting fresh everyday.






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