The Orange Exercise: 5 minute mindfulness trick to “get you in the moment”

When you have ADHD, it can be so hard to be “mindful”.

You stress about things you have to do, or didn’t do, or want to do, and everything in between. You are rushed running from thing to thing, so that when you finally do sit down and try to stop your mind, you struggle to even know what it should feel like.

You want to pause and breathe, but your mind just wants to keep running.

If this sounds like you, you may benefit from building some new mental muscles and trying some specific techniques to learn to slow down.

One awesome strategy is to grab an object and work to focus on how it stimulates each of your senses. Here is an example using an orange.

Mindfulness orange exercise FacebookGive yourself space so that your environment can help your mind become quiet. Then try these steps.

• Touch the orange. Run your fingers over its surface and feel each part of it, pausing to take it in.
• Smell it - take in the aroma. Breathe slowly…. and enjoy its beautiful scent.
• Peel it and notice how its texture changes from outside to inside. Run your hands over the surfaces.
• Taste the orange and be conscious about how it feels in your mouth. Focus on the flavour and work to really taste it.
• Take a few moments to sit with this space and just be.

Make this experience your own. Enjoy this moment and try to do it daily. By using your environment to “trick” your brain into being more present, you can build rituals like this into your life.

For a full description of an official mindfulness technique with an orange, visit this link.







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