ADHD Holidays: May the peace be with you this year

Holiday Joy FacebookAs you move into this holiday season, you may be experiencing mixed feelings. Perhaps, you are feeling anxious about how to manage all the logistics related to this season. Or, maybe you struggle with “being present” and somehow you really want to figure out how to slow down this year. Finding “peace” can be challenging for all of us.

So, we encourage you to be a step ahead and take a few moments to visualize how you want your holidays to go. Make it yours by prepping and planning before you find yourself stuck “in the rush”.

Go through the below “fill in the blank” exercise and see what comes to mind:



 My best memories as a child, during the holiday season were ______________________________________________________

My breathing is relaxed and my body feels calm when I ___________________________________________________________

If I were to make this holiday more “my own” I would need to _____________________________________________________

The part of the holidays that tends to stress me out the most is when _______________________________________________

My favourite activity to do with my loved ones is to ______________________________________________________________

I know I will regret doing this __________________________________________________________ but I always do it anyway.

If I were to set one personal limitation this holiday, it would be to __________________________________________________

I always feel good about myself when ________________________________________________________________________

When I am back in the office/swing of things in January, I will wish I had spent more time_______________________________

and less time ______________________________________


My most joyful parts of the holiday season for me are the following three things:










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