Spring Cleaning - ADHD Style

Thank goodness that spring is almost really here! For all of us Canadians, we have braved a serious winter and if you have ADHD, you might have some bottled up restlessness to let out. With that in mind, we have been thinking and chatting with clients about how to channel the momentum of spring into getting those nagging ‘to dos’ done (you know the ones!).

Here are our top four tips for “spring cleaning - ADHD style”: baskets clean color 271711

1) Don’t be afraid to ask for some help.

It is amazing how a little accountability or some “fresh eyes” can make a difference when working on a task (especially if you have been avoiding it for a while). Perhaps you have a friend who would be willing to brave this with you, or you might even consider hiring a personal organizer to help you build an approach. If you’re someone who really benefits from a teammate, try to recruit someone, even just to help you get started. Then you can take it on from there!

2) Try to avoid getting caught up in the details.

Often when you have ADHD, you can get really hyper-focused. That sometimes means that you can get too detail oriented when it comes to tasks that just need to be knocked out. For example, you need to clean out the basement, and you find some old photographs and start reminiscing about those, or you end up spending too much time on one small part of the task. Keep a clear goal in mind, and try to stay true to the big picture!

3) Instead of making a to do list, structure your day with a timeline.

Many people with ADHD have become expert to-do list makers. Often full of great ideas, it can be easy to start writing down things that would be “great to do”. These lists can turn out to be quite overwhelming quickly though. So, instead of writing a list, consider structuring your day with specific steps. And then stay accountable to it! Be honest with yourself and try to keep each “chunk” of the day focussed on a small and achievable task.

4) Set a timer for 7 minutes before each task.

We have talked about this tip many times before, but it is still worth keeping on the list! It is amazing what you can get done (or not get done) in 7 minutes. As you start your process, put on a timer for 7 minutes and just start. Often this can help you break through procrastination and just get into a groove. Once you have some momentum, you will have a much better chance of sticking it out!


As the weather warms up, and the flowers start to bloom, it is a great time to get motivation from the vibe around us, and start getting things done that will clear more space for joy and positivity. Spring cleaning is not just about getting your garage in order - it is a time where we can find new perspective and catalyze new chapters.


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