Embracing Neurodiversity: How my ADHD story shaped me and how I am learning to rewrite it

3Reflections from Springboard co-founder Laura MacNiven

Storytelling is central to the human experience. 

From birth, we look to each other to survive, attach, and belong. And to make sense of it all, we form stories about ourselves and those around us. We quickly learn our perceived strengths and weaknesses and adapt to what the people around us (seem to) value, want, or need from us.

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ADHD, Entrepreneurship, and a Pandemic - Just a few things lately…

Blog Entrepreneur Laura Slow DownReflections from Springboard co-founder Laura MacNiven

As someone who generally has an abundance of energy, I have found these past 18 months a lot. Finding the zip to face the constantly changing landscape has required me to think differently about how I show up and with whom.

And as someone who coaches other adults and parents in their mental health journeys, I hear many similar stories of struggles to continuously adapt.

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