ADHD Coaching: Group Coaching vs. Individual Coaching

Group ADHD CoachingIf you've been looking into ADHD coaching as a treatment option, you might have noticed that many clinics (including ours) offer both individual coaching and group coaching. One obvious benefit of group coaching is that it is financially more cost effective than individual coaching. But aside from that, what are the benefits of group coaching vs. individual coaching? What option would truly work best for you?

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Group coaching for ADHD: The Benefits of Working in a Group

Benefits of working in a groupAs a treatment option for ADHD, Springboard Clinic regularly runs groups for ADHD adults. These groups are cost-effective, yes. But, there are some other awesome benefits to being part of a group like this.

Sometimes people have negative memories of group work, usually from the days of group projects at school. If that’s you, consider the fact that in the past, maybe you and your group members weren’t quite on the same page. With school projects, there will inevitably be varying levels of motivation, and you won’t always be working toward the same goal. We are sure this will be different.

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ADHD and the Importance of Early Intervention

Early intervention in the context of ADHD and focusing challenges is pretty much what it sounds like – providing behavioural support and strategies early on in development (e.g. before the age of six), in anticipation of potential difficulties down the line.

We’re not talking about a diagnosis or label here – we’re just talking about helping families identify strengths and challenges in their children early, and taking steps to avoid potential secondary effects...

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