Cogmed: Does working memory training work? The debate continues…

Not too long ago we posted a blog entry about Cogmed working memory training and its potential benefits.

Since then, we came across an article about some recent research conducted at the University of Oslo and University College in London that might add some pieces to the puzzle.

Essentially, this study looked at the effect of working memory training tasks on healthy children and adults who wanted to improve their cognitive skills or do better in school.

Some highlights:

“The success of working memory training programs is often based on the idea that you can train your brain to perform better, using repetitive memory trials, much like lifting weights builds muscle mass.”

“…analysis shows that simply loading up the brain with training exercises will not lead to better performance outside of the tasks presented within these tests.”

“In the light of such evidence, it seems very difficult to justify the use of working memory training programs in relation to the treatment of reading and language disorders. Our findings also cast strong doubt on claims that working memory training is effective in improving cognitive ability and scholastic attainment.”

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