Why ADHD coaching is a worthwhile investment

In an article posted on LinkedIn, John Donahoe, a CEO at eBay, writes a persuasive argument about the benefits of both time off and regularly reflecting on how you spend your time. In this article, he argues that the key to enhancing performance involves the process of learning: stepping back, considering what you have learned in the recent past, and adjusting your focus to ensure you’re spending your time and energy effectively. As part of this, Mr. Donahoe recommends that every few months you take “thinking days” – pre-scheduled, uninterrupted times where you go through this process. He even recommends Springboard Clinic’s tried and true method of using a big whiteboard to help map things out!

Now, if you know anything about ADHD coaching, this argument may sound familiar. The basic processes that Mr. Donahoe recommends – stepping back, reflecting on progress, re-calibrating your focus – all mirror the coaching model that we use to help individuals of all ages with ADHD. This is why we cannot recommend coaching enough – immersing yourself in this type of learning will help you not only enhance your performance, but help build skills and create sustainable change. Yes, participating in coaching requires a more frequent time commitment than thinking days – reflecting on the “recent past” often means reflecting on the past week. But, this consistent contact is what helps streamline your progress – you will gain a more realistic assessment of where your time has been spent, and give yourself a more frequent opportunity to adjust your focus before getting too far off track.

Either way, taking the time to reflect and learn is an investment in you. In Mr. Donahoe’s words, “…time spent away to refresh and refocused is really not time off, it’s just time better spent.”

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