ADHD Coaching for Teens

ADHD coaching for teens – parents know it can be helpful, but how hard is it to get your teen’s buy-in?


Surprisingly, not as hard as it may seem. Motivation and buy-in will obviously vary depending on the person, but we’ve often found that teens crave the type of support that ADHD coaching provides.

First of all, ADHD coaching offers teens their own space, where they can focus on their own priorities independent from their parents. As children transition into adolescence, there’s a tendency to want to push away from parents and become more independent. Teens want to find their own way, and ADHD coaching gives them the space to do this.

Along the same lines, ADHD coaching works well with teens because they get to set the agenda – ADHD coaches don’t have an agenda beyond focusing on the their client’s priorities. What do they want? That’s the agenda. This can be incredibly refreshing when it feels like everybody around you is telling you what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do.

So, if you think your ADHD teen could benefit from coaching, as a first step talk to them about what it might look like, including the above benefits. If you can get them in for an introductory meeting, your teen’s potential ADHD coach can then talk to them about what they want, look for buy-in, and assess their readiness for the process!

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