Come in and talk about it: Springboard’s Dr. Monique Bergeron chats about ADHD and medication

At Springboard Clinic, we don’t offer “medication-only” treatment for ADHD because we know how powerful coaching and therapy can be. Without doing the self-work, medication can only help so much. That being said, when ADHD is properly and comprehensively assessed, medication treatment can change lives. We are grateful to have excellent pharmaceutical options to consider when working with families.

Check out this short video of Dr. Monique Bergeron, our pediatrician, sharing a few thoughts about ADHD and medication for children.

We know it can be a scary idea to use medication for ADHD. We also know that when managed appropriately, it can be the difference between making it and being left behind.

Let’s work collaboratively to help individuals of all ages with ADHD find their best selves.


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