But, without the lows, there are no highs

Highs and Lows FacebookWe often don’t see individuals or couples at Springboard until they have hit their personal low points. Perhaps because of stigma or a lack of awareness, by the time adult clients ask for help, they are in a tough place. Commonly, secondary emotional effects are ravaging their lives. They are unable to see straight and don’t know where to start. It feels like personal devastation.

There is a bright side, though, of hitting your darkest point.

You shed the fears of hitting your low point; And with that, you can then start a new, more fearless, chapter. When you are no longer afraid, your viewpoint clears and your more authentic self begins to show itself.

Certainly, we hope we can encourage people to come seek help sooner. Pain caused by mental health symptoms can be lessened with proactive work, especially for couples.

But if you are in pain, and you feel like you can’t get lower, reach out. Ask for a hand. When you feel like you have nothing to lose, that is sometimes when you can do your best work.

We know that asking for help is frightening and makes you have to be vulnerable. We also know that there is light past the darkness. We know that by slogging through the tough stuff, a more profound clarity awaits you on the other side.


Spread the word that it’s okay to ask for help.

No one is perfect and the only way to the highs is through the lows.








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