Springboard's Dr. Gray joined an expert panel on The Agenda with Steve Paikin!

It is time that we all realize how important it is to talk about attention issues, to put supports in place at a young age, and to share stories of success and resilience. Students with ADHD need us to speak up so that they can get the support they need - and can get that support early on.

Thank you TVO for airing this important and overdue dialogue!

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Dr. Gray, Springboard’s Co-founder joined Heidi Bernhardt, the founder of CADDAC, and Natalie Waddell, Waterloo Region Public School Trustee, in an important dialogue about ADHD and support in Ontario schools where they passionately shared the importance of ADHD becoming an official diagnosis that is supported with Special Education funding.

ADHD is the most common mental health diagnosis in children and is treatable. By not identifying it as a diagnosis and therefore triggering support, students and families are being left behind.

Dr. Gray clarified in this interview how hopeful a diagnosis of ADHD can be and she expressed compassionately how crucial it is to “level the playing field so all students can perform optimally”. Let’s make it okay to get help. Let’s support our students and families with ADHD in the school system and beyond.

If you missed this amazing piece last week, please take 20 minutes and check it out here.


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