After an ADHD diagnosis: What’s my first step?

If you just got an ADHD diagnosis, the first step you need to take may not be what you want to hear. The first step is not a concrete action step or tip; no, the first step after an ADHD diagnosis is to pause and look at what you’re working with right now, in this moment. 

After an ADHD diagnosis, you may think that your “answer” has been delivered on a golden platter: this is the reason why you’ve been feeling so overwhelmed! So stuck! “Now I have answers and I want retribution!”

It can be tempting to barrel into “changing your life” with a new ADHD diagnosis. You may feel like you’re finally able to walk deliberately forward, and you have no time to waste!

This is where pausing comes in: the biggest mistake you can make following an ADHD diagnosis is moving forward without giving yourself a chance to re-assess you goals, priorities, daily routines, and values.

It is important to take a step off the deliberate march in order to “sit in the grass”, find your breath, your mind, body and inner self. Be patient with yourself and those around you to assemble your steps forward. Deciding where you want to go might take a little more time than anticipated.

You don’t catch a lion by screaming at the top of your lungs and stomping blindly into the bushes. You sit down in a meadow to observe the lion, contemplate a plan, assess your resources, strengths, and weaknesses.


It’s the same when moving forward with ADHD. The first step is finding you.


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