Check out this piece about Stigma in the Globe and Mail: Canadians, let’s do better

Globe and Mail Stigma FacebookRecently the Globe and Mail published an article about how judgemental Canadians continue to be about mental health diagnoses.

You can read the article here.

As mental health clinicians, it made us ask this question: “Exactly, why are mental health diagnoses so stigmatized? Do people think it is an act of weakness to go to therapy, or to seek help for mood issues?”

If you have not done therapy before, it might not be what you would expect.

You might be picturing lying on a couch “complaining” about life. Well, it’s not like that. It is the absolute opposite.


It’s hard; it’s active; it’s work.

It’s not about weakness. It’s about resilience.

We get to be inspired by this every single day.

So, let’s set the record straight:

Being brave enough to explore the dark parts of yourself in order to find the light is essential to being a good, compassionate leader.

Let’s remind ourselves and those around us that talking about mental health symptoms is part of being human. And to be a full and complete individual, the only way is to dig deeply within yourself. Let’s promote that truth and let’s expect that of our leaders too.








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