CADDAC: Raising ADHD Awareness


As many individuals with ADHD can attest to, one of the biggest struggles of having an ADHD diagnosis is the fight against people who insist it does not exist. Every day we hear stories of doctors, teachers, parents, and spouses, who, despite the very real symptoms that our patients face, refuse to believe that ADHD is a real disorder...

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ADHD Awareness Week: What is it all about?

Some of you may or may not be aware, but this week is ADHD Awareness Week (see what we did there?). Running from October 14th to 22nd, this is a week dedicated to promoting understanding, advocacy, and support for ADHD and those who may be affected by it. This is a very important cause – the ADHD community’s understanding of the disorder has changed and evolved tremendously in the last 20 years, and much of the general public has yet to catch up with this understanding...

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Michael Phelps has mastered the psychology of speed

In honour of the Olympic Games, click here for an interesting article about Michael Phelps and the mental advantage he seems to have over his competitors.

Essentially, the article argues that Michael thrives on the energy surges and adrenaline produced from high-pressure situations – like the Olympics – where his concentration and athletic abilities are actually enhanced with the stress...

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Calgary Researcher Challenges Stereotypes in ADHD Children

 We recently came across a post on the CBC website about Emma Climie, a researcher at the University of Calgary who is studying ADHD children from a refreshing perspective.

In an attempt to move away from the current model of deficit-focused research, her aim is to focus on what ADHD children can do, instead of the difficulties associated with the diagnosis. Her aim is to raise a more comprehensive awareness of what ADHD actually is as way to better help support children in the classroom.

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