Interesting ways ADHD can impact your life

impact of ADHDMost of us are aware of the the “cardinal” symptoms of ADHD, like inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Many of us, however, aren’t as aware of how these and other ADHD symptoms can actually impact a person’s life. In fact, we often come across individuals with ADHD themselves who are surprised when we show them a potential connection between something going on in their life and ADHD...
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I have ADHD and I am…

October is ADHD Awareness Month in Canada – a month dedicated to helping others become more informed about ADHD, and to help “toss the myths, stereotypes, and widespread information to the side.”

In honor of this important topic, we wanted to share the video below, which serves as an awesome reminder that individuals with ADHD are more than just their diagnosis!

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