ADHD and Women: Why they get missed

ADHD and womenOften, women and girls with ADHD tend to get missed. They are under-diagnosed, often misdiagnosed, and generally overlooked. At our clinic, we often see adult women who have been anxious or depressed for years. Then, in the end, we find out that ADHD was actually the root of their issues all along.

So why does this happen? Why have there been so many undiagnosed women with ADHD?

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Peter Shankman's Story of his ADHD Diagnosis

In honor of Mental Health Week, we wanted to share the story of Peter Shankman.

Peter is a CEO, author, speaker, and all around impressive guy. Peter is also an individual diagnosed with ADHD. Not only that, he's learned to use his diagnosis to his advantage, rather than a disability. In fact, he's used his strengths and managed his challenges in a way that has led to much of his success!

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ADHD and Sugar: Does Sugar make hyperactivity worse?

sugar and ADHDThe idea that sugar can make ADHD symptoms worse is prevalent, but how true is it? Right now, it seems like the majority of the research out there has not supported this theory. Yes, you can find a study here and there about a connection between a high sugar diet and hyperactivity. But, most of the medical industry maintains that there isn't a clear link between the two.

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