Michael Phelps has mastered the psychology of speed


In honour of the Olympic Games, click here for an interesting article about Michael Phelps and the mental advantage he seems to have over his competitors.

Essentially, the article argues that Michael thrives on the energy surges and adrenaline produced from high-pressure situations – like the Olympics – where his concentration and athletic abilities are actually enhanced with the stress.

As quoted in the article by his longtime coach, Bob Bowman, “Michael’s brain chemistry is such that he almost has to have that competitive environment…when he has it in his brain, it’s like unshakeable…”

When you put it in the context of his ADHD diagnosis, this makes sense. One of the most cited benefits of the ADHD brain is its ability to better engage during stressful or high intensity situations – ADHD individuals can often create calm from chaos, whereas many other individuals fall apart from the pressure. This is something for ADHDers to think about when choosing a career!

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