Let’s #GetLOUD for Mental Health Week

Stigma about mental health issues is still prevalent. We are working on it. We are fighting it. It is improving, but it is not gone (yet)...

This week is Mental Health Week and that means it is a great opportunity to #getLOUD. For Bell Let’s Talk day in January, I decided to share my story with focusing challenges:

As an individual who actively promotes anti-stigma, it was an important experience for me to “practice what I preach”. And although I believe so wholeheartedly in openly sharing as a means to finding your best self, many fears came up for me in the process.

I, too, found myself asking questions about whether I should admit I that have attention issues. MentalHealthWeek Laura

• Will people look at me differently?
• If I feel okay (even empowered about it) in my personal life, should it be part of my career identity?
• What about my public profile?

It seems it is hard to avoid these kinds of questions when it comes to sharing mental health narratives.

Ultimately, I chose to share my story, and I will continue to share mine, and to offer opportunities for others to share theirs. I believe it is necessary more now than ever before that we talk about this stuff and that we work to debunk myths, in order to collaboratively build a space where individuals can find a way to be the best versions of themselves.

I think that once we realize that we all have "stuff” to deal with, and that no one is perfect, then the more authentic we can be in our own lives, and the more we can find our individual truths.

Then, and perhaps only then, can we find the space for happiness.

I believe it matters that much.




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