What we learned at CADDRA: the Springboard Clinic model of care is right on track!

The Springboard Clinic team had the opportunity to attend the CADDRA conference in Montreal this weekend. As always, it was a fantastic opportunity to connect and collaborate with other world leaders about ADHD testing and treatment, exploring the newest research and hearing more about updates in mental health assessment and support.


What was most special about the conference this time around was hearing from speakers from across the globe that the research is pointing more and more to the kind of care we already advocate for and offer here at Springboard:

  • ...the importance of multi-modal care
  • ...connecting with multiple environments (schools/home)
  • ...looking beyond the classroom or workplace to the emotional impacts of an ADHD diagnosis

It turns out that more and more doctors have begun implementing strategies like motivational interviewing and collaborative problem solving, two important tools in the ADHD coaching toolbox.

Check out CADDRA.ca to find further information about the conference and to access important, free downloadable resources!


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