Parenting a child with ADHD: How parent coaching can help

If your child has ADHD and you’re thinking about getting him/her an ADHD coach, you might want to consider adding parent coaching to the treatment plan.

Parent coaching is about helping you, the parent, do three important things:

1. Understand the mechanics of an ADHD brain so that you can separate your child’s symptoms from your child. Simply learning about the diagnosis and understanding where your child is coming from can go a long way towards reducing stress and anger.

2. Empower you to develop personalized strategies for your child and family that reduce the impact of symptoms on your household. Every child is different, so a good coach will be able to help you customize and tweak strategies based on what worked and what didn’t each week.

3. Have access to a sounding-board and a neutral space for you to manage your own stress.

When a child is working with an ADHD coach, their experience will be much more effective if their environment changes around them – and you are a very big part of that environment!

For a great place to start, we recommend reading two of Springboard’s favourite books: Connected Parenting by Jennifer Kolari and The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel L. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson.

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